leased copierIs it time to lease a new copier for the office? Or are you renewing an old lease? While a business owner might handle this process about once every five years, a copier company does it every day of the year, which means they have a lot more experience and big advantage in terms of negotiation. However, a few simple copier leasing tips can put you on even ground with this corporate giants. Read the copier leasing tips below and prepare yourself for a more favorable negotiation this time.

1. Don’t settle for the list price.
A new copier machine might have a list price of $75,000, but in reality, they won’t usually get anything near this, aside from people who pay leasing fees. Not all, but the majority of leasing companies will offer a discount up to 25 percent off of this actual list price, but there’s one catch: you have to ask for it. They won’t offer this discount voluntarily because there are already so many companies that seem content with paying the list price. At any rate, it certainly couldn’t hurt to ask.

2. Don’t settle for the first copier company.
There’s likely several different copier companies in your local area, which means you’ve likely got some competitive spirit that you can work between the various companies. You should always start by visiting a few different copier companies, where you should find out the differences between their pricing plans and their machines. Don’t be afraid to let them know you’re shopping around and if you’ve spotted a better deal. If you have managed to find a better deal on the same equipment, then they may be willing to beat the competitor’s price. It’s certainly not unheard of in the copier industry.

These simple copier leasing tips are enough to save you some money the next you need to find a new copier lease.

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